Access Point: A Psychological Thriller

When young American art student Mia Fraser is brutally murdered steps from the London house she shares with computer genius Ula Mishkin, it leaves the socially inept scientist heartbroken. As it becomes clear that Detective Sarah Boyd is making no progress in solving the crime with traditional methods, Ula creates a software program that allows her to reach into her dead housemate's memory in order to reveal the identity of her killer.

Entering the dead girl’s life through the echo of her memory, Ula learns that sometimes the past is best left undisturbed.

"A Cold War thriller of real brilliance;  John le Carré with a witty ironic edge that will start you thinking about the real truth behind the Kennedy assassination."  

- Jack Higgins

"Gabbay serves it all up with Raymond Chandler--esque dark humor, a rich sense of place and a fine feel for the yawning chasm between those privileged to float above the exigencies of that dark time and those who were engulfed in its horrors”             

- Forbes

“Powered by relentless pacing and a story line abounding in subterfuge, treachery and subversion, this Ludlumesque page-turner offers invaluable historical insights into the turbulent relationship between America (“the Great Satan”) and Iran.” 


 - Publisher’s Weekly